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ADONIS Dental service of the top-level

ADONIS Dental serviceDentistry part of medicine deals with methods of teeth health — prevention and treatment. Your beautiful smile deserves the best service and highly professional approach, with ADONIS Dental clinic and its various offers, your total teeth health is ensured.

The wide range of services is provided in different ADONIS Dental Programs: 

  • rigorous examination process of dental and oral cavity in ADONIS own laboratory with individually adapted treatment plan following your case history, diagnosis results, personal contraindications and requests
  • preventive treatment measures of dental diseases including high professional oral hygiene services
  • orthodontic treatment
  • pediatric dentistry
  • general oral care guidance from the skilled ADONIS dentists
  • the special explanation guide for kids about  the importance of dental care and treatment

The special attention must be focused on dental and oral cavity health because it affects the whole body systems, your well-being and physical activity.

Specialists of different profiles (therapists, surgeons, gynecologists, neuropathologists and others) note this correlation between the oral health and the whole body state. The whole medical society points out the need to eliminate infectious or troubles located in the oral cavity.

ADONIS Dental placement Services include the list of Programs that will provide the best quality treatment for you:

  • Implantation with Dentium, Osstem, Root
  • Prosthetics with Veneers
  • Prosthetics with Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implantation with Strauman system
  • Aligners
  • Stem cell therapy in Dentistry (the next generation treatment)

We use only high quality materials and implants that accurately reiterate the personal physiological characteristics of the client. During the individual consultation ADONIS experienced specialists provide the examination for perfect modeling and imprints of C-silicone(according to the chosen Dental Program), CT scans and individual abutments. The best results after ADONIS effective treatment begin from the careful preparation stage and professional approach of the staff.

ADONIS highly appreciates the confidence of the clients and their safety, that’s why we need to be sure of your total health and readiness for the treatment process.

There are some common contraindications for Dental services primarily because your good health state and safety are on the first place:

  • acute states of any disease conditions
  • individual intolerance or allergy reactions to certain kind of medicine used in prosthetic (together with ADONIS specialist you can select the best suitable option for you)
  • anesthesia intolerance
  • cardiovascular system diseases exacerbation and acute periods
  • respiratory diseases

Your safety is guaranteed by the highly experienced medical support from the whole ADONIS staff. We need to know every aspect of your health conditions to ensure the effective individually adapted treatment and reach the best results. ADONIS dentists learn the case history and diagnosis results before the start of the treatment to exclude possible complications or undesired results.

ADONIS Dental services — your choice of beautiful smile and total well-being.